We offer a wide variety of well-known, reliable air-conditioning products and systems, insulation materials, and tools. Our sales personal can provide you with expert knowledge on air-conditioning products and their installation. LVI-Dahl’s partners are all major domestic manufacturers and importers. We have stocked our warehouses with supply’s taking into considerations the local needs so that we can offer an effective regional distribution.

A huge part of our air-conditioning assortment is immediately ready to be picked up. The ordered air-conditioning supplies are handed of collected and packed by our warehouse professionals. The product pickup is easy and the product retriever does not have to be an expert in the field.

We ship our deliveries to all locations and they are taken care of by LVI-Dahl’s contract drivers. The deliveries are being customized depending on the region to satisfy our customer needs. For express delivery areas the products will be delivered within a few hours. The vehicles that LVI-Dahl uses are always equipped with the situation appropriate equipment. This will ensure direct and in-time deliveries without any complications during the unloading at the worksite.