We are now Dahl

Growth leads to an abbreviation for distribution company LVI-DAHL

Serving customers at an increasingly wider scale, LVI-DAHL has abbreviated its name simply to Dahl. The company’s official trade name is now Dahl Finland Ltd. The new name is a result of both the company’s strong growth and the structural change of its customer base.

Dahl is the biggest wholesale provider of HVAC solutions in the Nordics, which employs over 500 industry professionals and has over 30 offices in Finland. The company has grown from a supplier of HVAC products to an organisation that provides a broad selection of services and products for even the largest and most demanding industrial or infrastructure sights. What started out as a pipe repair wholesale company has grown into a cost-efficient partner for e.g. industrial pipe contractors, workshops, and both equipment and process manufacturers.

Shorter name – broader services

–There’s a clear strategic change behind our new name. We want to bring more focus to our increasingly broad selection of products and services, and emphasise that along with the HVAC industry, we also provide solutions to industrial and municipal engineering professionals, says Dahl CEO Curt Kock. – In addition, Dahl is known as a relaxed and honest partner, so the shorter name feels like a natural fit for us, Kock continues.

The affiliated companies of Dahl in the Nordics and Baltics already go by the same name, so the change is also a unifying factor for everyone involved.

Important email changes

The change of name will also abbreviate email addresses. Starting from 1.1.2019, email and website addresses will be firstname.surname(at)dahl.fi and www.dahl.fi. Both the business ID and address for the Dahl webshop www.dahlshop.fi will remain the same. In addition, bank information will change, with customers requested to subscribe to a more environmentally friendly e-invoice. Further information can be inquired from your local Dahl contact person or via email: laskutus@dahl.fi

Additional information:

CEO Curt Kock
Tel. 020 759 4200

Marketing Manager Sanna Salminen
Tel. 020 759 4229

Robert Huberin tie 5, 01510 Vantaa

Dahl Finland - More than sum of its parts

Dahl is the leading HVAC-, public utility- and industrial pipe products wholesaler in the Nordic and Baltic region.

We function in over 300 offices in the whole Nordic region as well as in Estonia and Lithuania. Our brand is a part of the international Saint-Gobain group, which is a world leading construction products supplier. Thorough this we have a strong background and it enables good supply channels.

LVI-Dahl expanded to the Finnish markets in 1995. Dahl operates locally near the customers and we have 30 offices in 27 locations.

Best service

Our operation is based on flexibility, customer desired product range and the desire to serve our customers. Our mission is to offer the best service in the field, know-how and trustworthy. Dahl Finlands 500 industry professionals serve our customers with their knowledge and expertise in the field.

Wide product range

Dahl Finland keeps in storage a wide range of more than 22 000 products. We offer in our product range plumbing supplies for demanding construction, industrial and municipal infrastructure projects.   

Locally available

Our local storage wide product range is a huge benefit for our customers, when the immediate availability of the product is often a preference. Our customers can immediately collect their purchase from our pick-up service.

The 29 locally based storage facilities are supplemented with distribution centers located in Vantaa and Tampere.

Our way to operate

Inspecta Oy officiated in 2004-2008 to LVI-Dahl quality-, environmental-, work health- and work safety certificates. These ensures that Dahl Finlands quality-, environmental- and work safety affairs are in order and fulfill the standard  ISO 9001, ISO 14001 ja OHSAS 18001 requirements. The certificates are valid up to 06.03.2021.

The certificates cover all Dahl Finland operations in Finland.

Thorough these we provide extra value to our customers surroundings and safety.